IBERDROLA Manuel Marín Chair for European Energy and Climate Policy


The College of Europe responded to the ever-growing relevance of energy and climate policy for the EU through the creation of the ‘IBERDROLA Manuel Marín Chair for European Energy and Climate Policy’. The Chair is housed under the Department for Political and Governance Studies, and is sponsored by IBERDROLA. The activities of the Chair make the College a hub for discussing and shaping European energy and climate policy as well as an academic centre of excellence for the development and learning of the College’s students.

To respond to this mission, the Chair implements three kinds of activities:

1)  Events on EU energy and climate policies in Bruges, Brussels or online.

The Chair organises conferences and the so-called 'Manuel Marín Lectures'. These events are generally open to the public as they aim to stimulate the debate around EU energy and climate policies. Please see below to be notified of future events of the Chair

2) Education and Research

The Chair offers the course “European Energy Policy, Climate Governance and the Green Deal” to the students of the Department for European Political and Governance Studies, and publishes research on EU energy and climate policies by the Chairholder and Research Assistant in various publication outlets.

3) Enhancing the career prospects of the College’s students in the energy and climate policies sectors

The Chair maintains an extensive network of alumni and contacts working on energy and climate policies, organises study visits and much more.

You can find more information on the Chair's governance and sponsor below.

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16 April 2024 "The future of EU energy and climate policies"

12 April 2023 “The Fast and the Furious: Speeding up the Green Transition

30 January 2023 “After COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheik – What Next for Global Climate Politics?”

21 June 2022 "The end of a romantic beginning? The Green Deal exposed to crisis"

15 June 2021 “The Great Transition: How to get to carbon zero 2050?”

18 November 2019 "Pricing Carbon: The Silver Bullet for the Energy Transition?" 

7 February 2019 “Decarbonising energy: Lessons from history and policies for the future

7 September 2018  "Quo Vadis Energy Union", with SWP. 


Manuel Marín Lectures (Evening lecture series & Webinars)

22 March 2024 Ceciel NIEUWENHOUT "Development of the north sea grid and energy islands"

19 March 2024 Kristian RUBY "Megatrends and the Energy Transition"

20 December 2022 Yuri KUBRUSHKO and Irina PALIASHVILIUnder attack: Russia’s energy war against Ukraine

26 October 2022 “Shaping your career in Energy and Climate Policy: why and how

29 April 2022 Annikky LAMP and Vaclav BARTUSKA Roundtable on EU External Energy Policy with the European Commission

22 December 2021 Augustijn VAN HAASTEREN The Gas Package: An overview

19 November 2021 Stefano GRASSI and Eva CHAMIZO LLATAS “Fit for Good? Achievements and challenges of European climate and energy policy"

13 January 2021 Ditte JUUL-JORGENSEN “Career Webinar”

24 November 2020 Aleksandra TOMCZAK  “The Just Transition Fund: where do we go from here?"

16 November 2020 Michael MEHLING “Carbon Border Adjustment: Salvation or downfall of EU climate action?”

1 April 2019 Bernd BIERVERT “Europe’s External Energy Policy – Solo or Solidarity?”

4 March 2019 Ms. Anne BERGENFELT “COP 24 in Katowice: A success for EU climate diplomacy?”

26 February 2019 Mr. Philippe LAMBERTS “Questions and Answers: the ‘Ecological Transition’

6 March 2018 Mr Guy LENTZ “An Intro to European Energy Policy”


Education and Research

The Chairholder of the Energy and Climate Chair teaches the 30-hour optional course “European Energy Policy, Climate Governance and the Green Deal”.

The course takes students to the heart of the Green Deal through the gateway of the energy sectors. The production, conversion, distribution and use of natural resources and energy were key for the carbonization of economies and societies at the times of the Industrial Revolution, and will be key again in the process of decarbonization. Despite its foundation on coal in the 1950s, the European Union and its predecessors have been intensively dealing with the energy sectors only for the last thirty years. In this period, what we call classical European Energy Policy has been developed, which rested on three main objectives: the internal market, internal and external energy security, and sustainability.

Students following the course gain an insight to basics and evolution of energy governance, policy and regulation in Europe during this period, including the geopolitical challenges and the advent of a new global energy and climate order based on the Paris Agreement. They also learn to understand how the energy markets and networks are working and evolving, as well as how they converge with sectors as different as transport and digital. Finally, the course pays particular attention to the Green Deal, which is not only wider in scope but also relies much more on regulatory measures such as targets and plans, carbon pricing, subsidies and green finance.

In addition to this course, the Chairholder and Research Assistant of the Chair regularly publish on EU energy and climate policies, and take part in events on EU energy and climate policies. A full overview of publications can be found on the page of the Chairholder and Research Assistant. The Energy and Climate Chair also cooperates with think tanks and NGOs for research and publication purposes.  


Network and Careers


Over the course of its five-year existence, the Energy and Climate Chair has built up an extensive network of alumni and contacts, who work in the energy and climate sectors at the EU and national level. In addition, the Chair supports the Student Energy Group in its functioning, supporting them to network and organise events.

The Chair also organises two to three study visits (open to all departments) for students of the College.

In addition, in the framework of the course on “European Energy Policy, Climate Governance and the Green Deal” each year 20 students are assigned to 10 coaches from the institutions, business and civil society. During the exercise, students work on an essay in the framework of the Chair’s Energy and Climate Governance Lab.


The IBERDROLA Manuel Marín Chair for European Energy and Climate Policy is generously supported by IBERDROLA.

The Chair is part of the Department for European Political and Governance Studies of the College of Europe.

Prof. Dirk BUSCHLE






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