EU Hydrogen Diplomacy in Africa and the Middle East - Publication by EPICO and Energy and Climate Chair

Earlier this year, the think tank EPICO and the Iberdrola Energy and Climate Chair of the College of Europe launched a call for policy briefs on EU hydrogen diplomacy strategies vis-à-vis third countries.

The call was open to applications from students and alumni of the College of Europe, and diplomats from the EU Diplomatic Academy. The policy-briefs were evaluated by a high-level review board, and the winners were awarded a prize during a closing event at the Australian Embassy to the EU.

This publication includes the four winning papers of the 2023 call for papers:

  1. "Powering a Global Just Transition: Fostering Socio-Ecological Justice in the EU's Green Hydrogen Partnership with Morocco" By Stefanie Schäfer and Jonas Meuleman
  2. "EU Hydrogen Diplomacy vis-à-vis the Eastern Mediterranean"
    By Anna-Loreen Mondorf
  3. "Unlocking Cooperation with the Southern Neighborhood on Renewable Hydrogen"
    By Ana Valverde
  4. "An EU Strategy: Unlocking the Potential of Green Hydrogen Production in Southern and Eastern Africa"
    By Marco Valenziano

Full publication here: EU Hydrogen Diplomacy in Africa and the Middle East

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