EU Diplomacy & Diplomatic Skills

How to navigate the EU's diplomatic waters?

30 September - 2 October 2024 / Bruges, Belgium

Reporting, communicating and negotiating

The European Union’s diplomatic efforts and external representation are inherently different from the Member-States’ external policies. The EU, with its strong background in peace mediation and public diplomacy, can be considered a unique diplomatic entity and a fascinating study-object. 

It’s this unique nature of the EU diplomatic landscape the centre of the course: a three-day immersive training in the historic city of Bruges dedicated to an introduction of the EU Diplomacy and External Representation and to a set of key diplomatic skills: reporting, communicating and negotiating through hands-on exercises with high-level trainers.

Through a mix of workshops, lectures and case studies, at the end of the course participants will have a better understanding of the EU as a diplomatic entity while fostering their practical diplomatic skills.

Note from the Course Director

“In today’s rapidly changing world, diplomatic skills are becoming ever more important, also in EU foreign affairs. This interactive training offers practical insights into making political analysis, public diplomacy, and negotiation techniques most effective.”

Ms Professor Sieglinde Gstöhl
Director of Studies – EU International Relations and Diplomacy College of Europe, Bruges

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