European Defence & Security

New threats, new responses

25-27 September 2024 / Bruges, Belgium


An ever-changing international stage and new threats such as cyber-attacks, climate change, hybrid threats, global terrorism, etc. call for more integrated mechanisms and strategic autonomy. This course is a unique opportunity to get a thorough understanding and practical approach of how the EU is addressing and prioritising this key topic, especially in light of the appointment of a new European Commission. 

The programme analyses how the EU is boosting its ambitions, efforts, and tools to address rapidly evolving security challenges both within the EU and outside its borders. Throughout the course, participants will receive a complete understanding of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the institutional mechanisms linked to it and the state of play on how the EU is acting on the defence and security front (internally and externally) and facing new threats (in particular, cyberthreats and climate change) with key partners (institutional, private sector and the non-state actors). 

The course combines different learning approaches:

  • Interactive training sessions on the CSDP, new threats, EU partnerships in the field of Defence and Security and geopolitical dynamics;
  • Training resources and suggested readings;  
  • Debates and discussions between practitioners and participants.

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