Celtic National Week 2018

Celtic Week at the College of Europe, 3 to 7 April 2018

Scottish, Irish, Manx, English, Breton and Galician students of the College of Europe have organised a Celtic Week in the framework of the National Weeks of the second semester.

The idea was to demonstrate that, beyond the States’ borders, these peoples have a common history and they still have similar traditions and rituals.

The first event was an exchange of views on the future of the relations between the United Kingdom and Ireland after Brexit. Our speakers were the Professor David PHINNEMORE, also a guest professor at the College of Europe, and three students, one Scot, one English and one Irish. This event was followed by a tasting of a large selection Scottish gins.

On Thursday, the students of the College enjoyed typical dishes at the canteen. In the evening, they could attend a speech by our sponsor, the law firm Slaughter & May, on how to become a lawyer in one of their offices. Then the students enjoyed a Cultural Showcase with traditional music played by some students and a tasting of the finest products from Celtic lands: Manx cheddar, pork pies, Irish, Scottish, English and Breton whiskeys, Galician and Breton wine.

The Phoenix Café opened on Friday with traditional Breton crêpes and its "caramel au beurre salé", much appreciated by the gourmets of the Veil promotion.

On Saturday, under a bright sun, a touch rugby tournament was organised. Afterwards, our fellow students could discover the traditional dancing parties called Céilidh/Céilèì/Fest Noz. After  trying out traditional dances, they could enjoy the Galician show of the making of a Queimada.

To rest after this week, the Cineclub displayed the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” in the Oliebaan Residence on Sunday.

Ahead of the Celtic week, a photo contest was organised and our fellow students made us travel with them in the Celtic countries and in their memories.