European Horizons European Student Conference at Yale University

From 4 to 6 April 2019 a delegation of 6 students from the College of Europe attended the annual European Horizons European Student Conference, held at Yale University. Thanks to the support of the College of Europe, Ana KHUTSISHVILI, Morgane BROURI, Sarah HICKEY, Jérôme NICOLAI, Katherine PYE and Manuel FREWER travelled to Yale to participate in policy workshops tackling questions of transatlantic and European security, energy policy, European democracy and technology and internet governance. Each worked in teams with students from across Europe and the US to produce and present policy research papers. Keynote speakers such as EU Ambassador to the UN João VALE DE ALMEIDA, MEP Ana GOMES and Klaus WELLE, Secretary General of the European Parliament, reviewed these policy recommendations and engaged with students on the future of EU-US cooperation. 

European Horizons is a transatlantic student think tank based at Yale that has 60 "chapters" or branches across 13 countries in Europe, North America and East Asia. Each chapter produces research of its own as well as hosting events and panel discussions on the subject of transatlantic relations. European Horizons holds a spring conference every year at Yale to produce policy papers and runs workshops and panel discussions on the most pertinent policy issues in transatlantic affairs.

European Horizons has officially recognised a College of Europe chapter in October 2018. Alongside informal discussion events on new developments in transatlantic affairs, the European Horizons College of Europe chapter recently hosted a panel discussion on the future of transatlantic trade and security featuring former US ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner. They look forward to publishing a symposium of research articles from students in the coming weeks.

For more information on the think tank or the conference, please visit the website of European Horizons.