Host family and students finally reunited

After three difficult months of lockdown, social distancing and a lot of sacrifices, a beautiful moment took place on Sunday, 21 June 2020. Finally, our dedicated host family Vermeersch-Nijsters was able to invite their students again to their home in Bruges for a lovely meal and a cozy gathering around the family table. Unfortunately, the reunion was also the last moment of togetherness as the students had to say goodbye, now that we have reached the end of the academic year.  We sincerely hope that Martine and Johan enjoyed the last precious moments in the company of three of their four students: Marta Romero Rodriguez, Osman Toksöz and Estela Vilanova Núñez.   Also interested in becoming one of our host families next year? We are always looking for more welcoming local people to give our students a homely feeling in Bruges and its surroundings. For more information on how to sign up, please send an email to Mrs Julie ORTEGAT-TRAEN