Host family project

Students are welcomed into the heart of the Bruges' community through the host family project. 

Families from Bruges and beyond are allocated to a group of 2 or 3 students according to their interests and hobbies. They invite their students for a lunch or a dinner. Occasionally these host families also invite their students to take part in different sport or cultural activities such as a guided tour of the city or a visit to the coast, horse-riding, rowing, etc. 

This initiative enables the students to meet local people and to get to know local customs, and at the same time these Bruges' families meet students from all over the world.

The host families are invited to take part in selected College activities such as the Neighbours' Drink in October and the Christmas Drink in December. 


Student Affairs Officer 

julie.ortegat-traen [at]



If you wish to register as a host family, please send an email to Mrs. Julie ORTEGAT-TRAEN at julie.ortegat-traen [at]


An interview covering this project with Benedikt GÖBEL, student of the Falcone - Borsellino promotion, was aired on the Villa Bota Radio program hosted by the students, have a listen here.
Students also meet the students of the language school SNT in Bruges to have conversations in their native language.