The Phoenix donation to charity

Over the course of the academic year, the team of the student-run Phoenix Café sold thousands of coffees and cakes to students and staff for charity. On Wednesday 5th of June, they donated 1000€ of this year’s profit to the foster parent organisation Pleegzorg Vlaanderen.

The organisation supports foster families in Flanders, who look after vulnerable children, teenagers or adults with disabilities. The donation will be used to furnish a therapy room in the organisation's new building in Bruges. Where today there is still a construction site, therapy sessions with children and families will be taking place from September.

After enjoying the hospitality of the Bruges host families for College students for nearly a year, the students of the Phoenix Café wanted to support a local cause. They have great admiration for the work of the staff of the foster parent organisation and hope that the children and families will find their new therapy room useful.


The Phoenix donation to Pleegzorg June 2019