Burst the Bubble Podcast team launches first episode of new season

On Tuesday 23 February 2021a new season of the Burst the Bubble Podcast was launched. The first episode of the podcast on European Affairs, run by students and alumni of our Postgraduate Institute of European Studies, features Rector Federica MOGHERINI. "The students did a very good job. They are enthusiastic and they are taking pride and ownership of this project. There are several more episodes now down the line including interviews with high-level guests and alumni of the College", says CoE alumnus and podcast director Giulio CRESPI

Episode titleS3E01 - The New Normal: anatomy of European crisis - with F. Mogherini

Episode summary

Over the past decade, addressing crises has become “the New Normal” for European leaders. The narrative of crisis, however, extends far beyond that of Brexit, the so-called ‘refugee crisis’, or the COVID-19 pandemic. It cuts to the very core of the EU itself. This begs the question: are crises one-off events, or are they a structural feature of the European project? Episode 1 season 3 of Burst the Bubble is all about “crisis management”. Burst the Bubble is a podcast on European affairs by the students and the alumni of the College of Europe. In this episode, the current cohort of College students talks to Federica MOGHERINI about the EU’s handling of crises, the importance of leadership, and how her experience informs her current role as Rector of the College of Europe.

Hosted by Cornelia LILLIS and Angelica MASTRO

Written by Emma DIAB and Vasiliki LIAKOPOULOU 

Produced by Giulio GIPSY CRESPI and Antoine LHEUREUX (Bulle Media)

What is BtB? 

Launched in 2018, Burst the Bubble aims to bridge the information gap between citizens and institutions, and to shape an EU-wide debate beyond the rhetorics of national politics and media. The College or Europe is an environment where young people passionate about European affairs have the opportunity to meet with experts in the field and high profile decision makers. This podcast provides them with a forum to express their ideas and break down the topics of the day on the EU’s agenda. Over time Burst the Bubble hosted interviews with EU Commissioners, members of the European Parliament, journalists, professors and actors from civil society. The podcast is distributed over a number platforms including Spotify and iTunes, and from February 2021 it is featured on the European podcast network Europod.


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