Virtual study trip - Department of European Economic Studies

On the 5th of May, the Department of European Economic Studies holds a two-day virtual study trip.


It will start with an introduction by Rector Federica MOGHERINI. Following this, we will hear from Dr. Jean-Pierre VIDAL (Chief Economic Advisor to Charles MICHEL, President of the European Council), Dr. Rolf STRAUCH (Chief Economist and Management Board Member at the ESM and EFSF) and Mr. Gabriel GLOCKLER (Principal Adviser at the ECB), who will discuss the economic challenges arising from the pandemic and policies designed to address them. After a special dinner, some ECO alumni will share their career stories with this year’s cohort.

The following day will begin with a welcome speech from Dr. Werner HOYER, President and Chairman of the Board of the EIB. The second theme on transition to a green and digital economy will be further elaborated by Dr. Lilyana PAVLOVA (Vice-president of the EIB), Dr. Pavlos KARADELOGLOU (Deputy Head of Division at the ECB), Ms Miapetra KUMPULA-NATRI MEP and Dr. Dirk PILAT (Deputy Director of the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation).

Students will have the chance to interact with these speakers throughout the two-day virtual study trip.

The Department of European Economic Studies is very grateful to the speakers for their time and insight, and hope that the students will benefit from interacting with them. 

This virtual study trip will be held in hybrid in Room E, and will moderated by Dr. Jaroslaw PIETRAS with support from Academic Assistant Sisi ZHANG.