Thematic Workshop on Green Transition and Climate Change

EU-funded El-Hiwar III Project

In the framework of the EU-funded project El-Hiwar III, the College of Europe Executive Education, Training & Projects Office organised an online workshop on Green Transition and Climate Change on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November.

This thematic workshop engaged League of Arab States (LAS) and EU staff and experts with the European Green Deal and LAS policy objectives towards the transition to greener economies. This workshop was held in preparation of the COP 28 in Dubai, taking place from 30 November until 12 December 2023. Leaders and experts all recognise the globally shared challenge of climate change, and this activity aimed to find potential avenues to foster EU-Arab cooperation in the fight against climate change and the transition to more sustainable and efficient economies. The workshop’s focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange is intended to foster actionable strategies for a sustainable future.

The two-day exchange encouraged the promotion of better partnership relations and and the deepening of already existing cooperation platforms. The main topics on the table were greener finance and greener investment, as both sides are aware that incentivizing the funding of green projects is one of the main pillars to address. Between the LAS and the EU, the emphasis was placed on continued support, as well as a sharing of good practices and climate finance challenges. Research collaborations were also discussed at length, as they will allow for more peer-to-peer dialogue and increased participation of the EU in LAS projects and vice-versa.

The discussions on greener finance, investment, and research collaborations laid a foundation for future LAS-EU cooperation. Looking ahead to COP 28, the workshop's success lies in its practical contributions and the shared determination to work together for a more sustainable future.

El-Hiwar III: Training and Information Course on Euro-Arab Diplomacy, is a project funded by DG NEAR and implemented by the College of Europe. It is conceived as a dialogue tool for the EU and the LAS to support strengthened work relations and to learn about each other's functioning, mechanisms and policies. |