Monitoring and Evaluation

Towards effective Monitoring and Evaluation for EU-funded projects

3-5 June 2024 / Bruges, Belgium

This specialised and practical training programme introduces the purpose of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and useful practices; providing participants with an in-depth understanding of the main principles and techniques of monitoring and evaluation of EU-funded projects.

The programme includes an overview of the main procedures for effective M&E, as well as its main actors. It provides a broad understanding of M&E processes in relation to the project life cycle. The course largely uses examples from EU external cooperation; however, the emphasis is on understanding concepts and tools that can be applicable in projects from a wide variety of donors and institutions.

The course combines different learning approaches:

  • Interactive training sessions introducing the main principles of Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Case studies designed to develop essential skills (based on examples of EU external cooperation projects);
  • Practical group and individual practical exercises to consolidate knowledge and encourage discussion;
  • Debates and discussions to promote the exchange of experiences with trainers and other participants.

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