Communicating the EU

Quality and flair: Your way to build effective and memorable EU Communications

21-23 November 2022 / Bruges

Benefit from a 20% discount when registering for this course as part of a package! There are three possibilities:
‘EU Project Management’ and ‘Communicating the EU’

'EU Fact Checking & EU Fact Finding' and 'Communicating the EU'
‘EU Project Management’, ‘Monitoring & Evaluation’ and ‘Communicating the EU’


About the course

Improve your knowledge and tools to effectively communicate about the EU. 

This three-day programme was designed to help you navigate the complex and yet important EU communications field. With a common strategy but a vast variety of interlocutors (the institutions, the Member States, the EU’s service and contract providers, the Regions), communicating the European Project is a challenge as well as an inspiring and highly creative task.

The programme includes an introduction to the EU’s Strategy for Communication and Visibility, as well as modules on how to build strategic communications on EU affairs and how to communicate EU projects and programmes. It also covers best practices for managing social media, campaigns and events on EU affairs.

Learning methodology 

The programme combines training sessions on both substance and skills:

  • Interactive training sessions with highly experienced experts;
  • Best practices and dos and don’ts in key areas such as strategic communications, social media, campaigns and event management;  
  • A workshop on creativity tools and techniques (brainstorming, mood boards, design thinking, etc.);
  • A mastermind exercise, where participants will reflect together on success cases and challenges to cultivate open collaboration and peers collective thinking;
  • Q&As and debates/discussions to promote experience sharing with lecturers and other participants.

Why participate?

Through this programme, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Improve, extend and update their knowledge and understanding of how the EU deals with its communication;
  • Understand the role and importance of communicating and giving visibility to the EU as a global, national and regional actor;
  • Improve the management of the communication in EU projects and programmes;
  • Receive masterclasses/ best practices analysis on social media, campaigns and event management on EU affairs;
  • Obtain cutting-edge advice and insights from high-level lecturers, with experience working on the field;
  • Strengthen their analytical and creative skills through the practical components in the programme;
  • Join the exclusive LinkedIn group for the alumni of the course;
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion.

Benefit from a 20% discount when registering to this course as part of a package!

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