Trade Policy

Understanding the essentials of EU Trade Policy, WTO and the EU's trade agreements

14-17 October 2024 / Bruges, Belgium

The main purpose of the Trade Policy course is to ensure that participants are thoroughly acquainted with the main aspects of EU Trade law and policy, WTO-related issues, and the role played by the EU in the global trade arena.

In addressing the trade policy concerns of today’s professionals from the public and the private sectors, the course provides with an updated analysis of the latest developments in EU’s trade relations with other trading partners, such as Canada, Japan, MERCOSUR, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  The course also covers recent developments in the discussion about sustainability provisions in EU trade agreements, among other topics.

This four-day seminar gives a thorough and detailed introduction to trade law and policy and the WTO (origins, functioning, main issues at stake, the 2024 ministerial conference).

The course combines different learning approaches:

  • Dynamic and interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of trade policy and law;
  • Exercises and case studies designed to challenge and develop essential analytical skills;
  • Individual and collective feedback giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience;
  • Active debate among and between experts and participants;
  • A practical course e-folder with material provided prior to the training, which include course information, outlines, handouts, key resources (readings, videos, etc.).

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