EU Fact Checking & EU Fact Finding

The EU at your fingertips!

5-6 October 2023 / Online

EU Fact Checking & EU Fact Finding are two half-day workshops to learn how to find one’s way through the ‘jungle’ of EU-related websites and discover how to identify official vs unofficial and reliable vs unreliable EU information sources. An experienced trainer will guide participants using interactive presentations made available during and after the workshop.

The course combines different learning approaches:

  • Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of analysing and identifying reliable EU information sources and data;
  • Workshops designed to identify and develop essential practical skills;
  • Individual and collective feedback giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience;
  • Active debates between the trainer and participants.

Why this course?

Through this programme, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Improve, extend and update their knowledge and understanding of the EU and related data and sources of information;
  • Become more efficient in finding, discerning, and understanding information on the EU;
  • Obtain insights about the EU’s approach to fake news and disinformation;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment and extend personal and professional networks;
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion of the course.

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