Target groups & faculty

The participants

This course targets: 

  • Officials and civil servants from national and regional administrations and the EU institutions and agencies working in the fields related to trade and WTO.
  • Professionals, academics, lawyers and consultants from private institutions, law firms, civil society in general, universities and institutes from EU and non-EU countries, working in fields related to trade and WTO.

Participants should have a university degree, a very good command of English and some relevant work experience.

Seats for this course are limited, in order to ensure an optimal interactive environment that foster discussions and facilitates networking.

The College of Europe reserves the right to select participants based on their academic and professional profile.

Our former participants say:

I got a bird's eye view on the international trade and the EU's policy, exactly what I needed.”
“A much better and deeper understanding of the WTO and EU trade policy, including some practical examples and a look behind the scenes.”
“Allows to understand and gain knowledge about the basic principles and functioning of the WTO and EU trade policy, which will be useful in the day-to-day professional tasks.”

The trainers

The sessions are delivered by high-level speakers from the expert network of the College of Europe, which comprises academics and practitioners with a sound experience in and/or with the EU institutions, and the World Trade Organisation.

“The Trade Policy course is a great forum to talk about the latest developments in EU trade policy. It is great to work with highly motivated and skillful professionals in the beautiful setting of the College of Europe in Bruges. The caliber of the participants makes the course discussions very informative and intense. A real pleasure to be involved in this course as instructor.”
Dr Roberto Rios Herrán

Partner (Warsaw) in the international law firm Appleton Luff and one of the trainers of this course

Our trainers are looking forward to meeting you!

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