Visit of Slovenian Minister Simona KUSTEC and exclusive roundtable discussion with Rector Federica MOGHERINI

On Wednesday, the 6th of April 2022, the European Political and Governance Studies Department had the honour to welcome the Slovenian Minister for Education, Science and Sport, Prof. Dr. Simona KUSTEC. After a meeting with Rector Federica MOGHERINI and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in the Rector's Office, Mrs. KUSTEC participated in an exclusive roundtable discussion on the EU Council Presidencies in the post-Lisbon structure.

This was a unique occasion for a select group of students of the Vogel-Polsky Promotion to directly engage with the Slovenian Minister and Rector MOGHERINI. Director of Studies of the European Political and Governance Studies Department, Professor Olivier COSTA facilitated the insightful discussion on various topics such as: preparing and managing the Council Presidency; EU Council Presidencies in times of crises; Intra/inter-institutional coordination; Interaction with the permanent President of the European Council; Cross-sectoral policy challenge and the transition of Council Presidencies. 

The College of Europe was honoured to host such an important event strengthening further the partnership and cooperation with Slovenia.

Visit of Slovenian Minister for Education, Science and Sport Simona KUSTEC.6 April 2022