Bruges Student Affairs Office

Welcome to the webpage of the Bruges Student Affairs Office.

We are a service of dedicated people who support students throughout their stay at the College in practical aspects.

So much of the College experience happens beyond the classroom, whether it is developing friendships in the residence halls, studying at the library, participating in events, organizing conferences and visits, doing sports at the local fitness center or joining one of the many extra-curricular activities.

The Student Affairs Office guides students in the organization of social, cultural and sporting activities. Our goal is to support students throughout their stay at the College by creating a campus culture that engages and inspires all students.

Our doors are always open to welcome the students, to help them with practical questions, to listen to their ideas and suggestions or just to offer a sympathetic ear to listen to their concerns in a confidential way. 

If you have any questions while applying to the College or when getting ready to come and study here, please contact us by sending an email to:

Our motto

“Get involved. Find an organization to join. Knock on the doors in your residence hall and meet your neighbors. Go to an event in or outside the College. Go run around the Bruges mills. Move beyond your comfort zone of what you did before you came to the College and see what happens. Get active on campus and find the way you want to make a difference.”


Director of Student Affairs
Mr Pierre BACHELIER                 

Student Affairs Officer

Student Welfare Officer
Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

Mrs Julie FAVRIL

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