Lecture on Baltic History and Culture given by Professor Bohdan CYWIŃSKI: "Les pays baltes - une autre manière d’être l’Europe"


Thursday 10.10.13
16:45 to 18:45


Auditorium A2
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus
ul. Nowoursynowska 84
PL-02/797 Warszawa

On 10 October 2013, Mr Bohdan CYWIŃSKI, Professor of Philosophy and History, Member of the Order of Polonia Restituta, gave a lecture in French on the subject of the history and culture of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


The lecture included a broad historical overview of the Baltic region, addressing the common experiences as well as the particular characteristics that set each of the Baltic countries apart. 


Professor CYWIŃSKI has recently released his magnum opus titled Szańce Kultur. Szkice z dziejów narodów Europy Wschodnie (2013), published by the Natolin European Centre in Warsaw and soon to be released in English.