Guest Lectures

Among the recent guest lectures in specific courses of the Department (or open to all students) are the following: 

27 April 2020, Alexandra EKKELENKAMP, Advisor to the Director for Media and Communication, Directorate-General Communication and Information of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, “Communicaitons and social media by the European Council and Council of the EU” (in Prof. Colomina’s course)

17 April 2020, Jaume DUCH, Director General for Communication and Spokesperson, European Parliament, “Crisis communication in times of COVID-19” (in Prof. Colomina’s course)

1 April 2020, Gilles COLLARD, Director General, Institut Bioforce, “Professionalisation du secteur humanitaire” (in Prof. Delphin’s course)

25 March 2020, Jan-Stefan FRITZ, German Marine Research Consortium, “EU Ocean Governance” (in Prof. Schunz’ course)

16 March 2020, Stéphanie HOREL, European Commission, DG DEVCO, “Quality Management in DG DEVCO” (in Prof. Wagner’s course)

15 March 2020, H.E. Roland KOBIA, EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan, “The EU as a Mediator in Afghanistan” (in Prof. Herrberg’s course)

9 March 2020, Petros MAVROMICHALIS, Head - Support - Open Sources Research Division, European External Action Service, “EU Intelligence: Now and in Perspective” (in Prof. Palacios’ course)

29 January 2020, Sabine Weyand, Director-General for Trade at the European Commission "‘A Stronger Europe in the World’: Major Challenges for EU Trade Policy"

11 November 2019, David O’SULLIVAN, Special Advisor to the President of the European Commission, formerly European External Action Service, “Changes in Diplomacy – Insights from a Former EU Ambassador in Washington DC” (in Prof. Maurer’s course)

4 November 2019, Ioan Dragos TUDORACHE, Member of the European Parliament, “EU External Migration Policies” (in Profs. Damro/Schunz’s course)

23 October 2019, Giulio VENNERI, European Commission, DG NEAR, “Developments in Enlargement Policy and Rule of Law Reforms in the Western Balkans” (in Prof. Juncos’ course)

10 October 2019, Florian SCHUBERT, European Commission, DG Trade, “EU Trade Strategy in Times of Troubled Multilateral Waters” (in Prof. Gstöhl’s course)

26 September 2019, Johan VAN GRUIJTHUIJSEN, European Commission, DG Agriculture, “External Aspects of European Common Agricultural Policy” (in Profs. Damro/Schunz’s course)

24 September 2019, José COSTA PEREIRA, PSC Ambassador, Portuguese Permanent Representation to the EU, “Forging Consensus in EU Foreign Policy” (in Prof. Juncos’ course)