Guest Lectures

Among the recent guest lectures in specific courses of the Department (or open to all students) are the following:

  • 21 April 2018, Cristina GALLACH, former Under Secretary General for Communications and Public Information (UN) and former Spokesperson of the Council; Adviser, Council of the EU, “PR and Communications Management” (Prof. Colomina’s course)
  • 16 April 2018, Canan GUNUZ, Mediation Advisor, EEAS, “EU Mediation in International Conflict Resolution: Yemen Case Study” (Prof. Herrberg’s course)
  • 13 April 2018, Domenico ROSA, Head of Unit ‘EU-Africa, African Peace Facility’, DG DEVCO, European Commission, “Perspectives for EU-Africa Relations” (Prof. Mackie’s course) 
  • 4 April 2018, Veronika KUCHERCHUK, Programme Administrative Coordinator for Western Balkans, European Endowment for Democracy, “Insights from the European Endowment for Democracy” (Prof. Youngs’s course)
  • 21 March 2018, Faruk KAYMAKCI, Ambassador at the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union, “Crisis Management Diplomacy From Tripoli, Kabul, Baghdad to Brussels: A True Story From a ‘Von Humboldt’ Diplomat” (open to all students) 
  • 17 March 2018, Alexandra EKKELENKAMP, Advisor to the Director for Media and Communication, Council of the EU, “PR and Communications Management” (Prof. Colomina’s course)
  • 9 March 2018, Andrew BOWER, Policy Officer, DG ECHO, European Commission, “Managing Risks: The EU as a Humanitarian and Civil Protection Actor” (Prof. Schelhase’s course)
  • 20 February 2018, Katja BIEDENKOPF, Assistant Professor, Leuven International and European Studies (LINES), Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven, “The EU in Global Chemicals Governance” (Prof. Schunz’s course)
  • 30 October 2017, Ioan-Dragos TUDORACHE, Head of Unit ‘Irregular Migration and Return Policy’, DG HOME, European Commission, “EU External Migration (and Asylum) Policies” (Prof. Schunz’s course)
  • 17 October 2017, Steven EVERTS, Senior Adviser on EU-ASEAN and ARF Alternate Senior Official, Asia Pacific Department, EEAS, “The EU Diplomatic Environment” (Prof. Hocking’s course)
  • 12 October 2017, Tomas BAERT, Head of Unit ‘Trade Strategy’, DG Trade, European Commission, “EU Trade Strategy: Development, Challenges, Prospects” (Prof. Gstöhl’s course)
  • 7 October 2017, Charles THÉPAUT, French Diplomat, “The EU Foreign Policy and the Arab World”, (Prof. Keukeleire’s course)
  • 2 October 2017, Leonard MIZZI, Head of Unit ‘Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition’, DG DEVCO, European Commission, “EU Agricultural Policy and its External Dimension” (Prof. Damro’s course)