Master's Thesis

Each student will have to present a Master’s Thesis relating to one of the seminars chosen. This paper should be between 12,000 to 15,000 words (about 40 pages) and must be written, in principle, in the language in which the seminar is given. It will be defended during the final examination for that seminar and will have a coefficient of 2 (17 ECTS) (all other seminars have a coefficient of 1 (5 ECTS)).

Best Master's Theses 2016-2017

  • COLMENERO MORATA Enrique, "Digital Content across Borders and the Digital Single Market Strategy. An Outlook from a Regulatory and an Enforcement Perspective" (Prof. M. Siragusa)
  • LARRIPA Lucie, "La fin du régime des droits de plantation dans le secteur vitivinicole européen : Vers une « renationalisation » de la Politique Agricole Commune ?" (Prof. C. Mestre)
  • PESCH Tobias, "Access to Big Data under Art. 102 TFEU" (Prof. M. Siragusa)
  • SARACINO Alfredo, "EU and Asylum Seekers: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Criticalities of the EU's Externalization Measures vis-à-vis the International Obligations Binding the EU and Its Member States" (Prof. P. Nemitz)
  • SCHULTE Julia, "The notion of ‘the country in which the act of infringement was committed’ in art. 8(2) Rome II concerning unitary Community intellectual property rights" (Prof. P.A. Nielsen)

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