Master's Thesis

Each student will have to present a Master’s Thesis relating to one of the seminars chosen. This paper should be between 12,000 to 15,000 words (about 40 pages) and must be written, in principle, in the language in which the seminar is given. It will be defended during the final examination for that seminar and will have a coefficient of 2 (17 ECTS) (all other seminars have a coefficient of 1 (5 ECTS)).

Best Master's Theses 2015-2016

  • DE RIDDER Frederik, "La directive médicaments falsifiés et le reconditionnement des pharmaceutiques. L’équivalence des dispositifs de sécurité à la lumière de la nouvelle approche du secteur pharmaceutique" (Prof. A. MATTERA RICIGLIANO)
  • LAPENTA Gaetano, "Vers un marché unique numérique. Geo-blocking et portabilité transfrontière des services de contenu en ligne dans l’UE" (Prof. A. MATTERA RICIGLIANO)
  • ONDOLI Lucia, "EU Competence and Approaches to Substantive Criminal Law. A Federal Perspective" (Prof. S. GARBEN)
  • SANCHEZ FRIAS Alejandro, "Back to the Garden of the Hesperides? Patent Rights, Competition Law and Human Stem Cells" (Prof. M. SIRAGUSA)

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