Research Papers in Law

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From Economic Crisis to Identity Crisis: The Spoliation of EU and National Citizenships (1.23 MB application/pdf)
1/2017 (May 2017)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

The Court of Justice of the European Union (1.12 MB application/pdf)
2/2014 (June 2014)

Michal Bobek

The Legal Status and Influence of Decisions of International Organizations and other Bodies in the European Union (1.34 MB application/pdf)
1/2014 (May 2014)

Ramses A. WESSEL and Steven BLOCKMANS

Disclosure of Leniency Materials: A Bridge between Public and Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law (1.1 MB application/pdf)
8/2013 (December 2013)

Pablo González de Zárate Catón

The Judicial ‘Bail Out’ of the European Stability Mechanism: Comment on the Pringle Case (1.08 MB application/pdf)
9/2013 (December 2013)

Gianni Lo Schiavo

Global Solutions, Local Damages: A Critical Study in Judicial Councils in Central and Eastern Europe (1.2 MB application/pdf)
7/2013 (November 2013)

Michal Bobek & David Kosař

Le contrôle européen des concentrations et les leçons à tirer de la crise financière et économique (1.08 MB application/pdf)
6/2013 (October 2013)

Pablo González Pérez

Authorisations under EU internal market rules (1.08 MB application/pdf)
5/2013 (April 2013)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

L’autorisation inconditionnelle en phase II (748.62 KB application/pdf)
4/2013 (April 2013)

Jean Sentenac

The Strasbourg View on the Charter of Fundamental Rights (1.54 MB application/pdf)
3/2013 (March 2013)

George Nicolaou

Fundamental rights in the EU: three years after Lisbon, the Luxembourg perspective (1.6 MB application/pdf)
2/2013 (February 2013)

George Arestis

La justification des atteintes aux libertés de circulation (1.73 MB application/pdf)
1/2013 (February 2013)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

The Future of the Eurozone and the Role of the German Constitutional Court (271.05 KB application/pdf)
5/2012 (July 2012)

Christian CALLIESS

Reflections on the Institutional Balance, the Community Method and the Interplay between Jurisdictions after Lisbon (294.93 KB application/pdf)
4/2012 (July 2012)

Ben SMULDERS and Katharina EISELE

The European Court of Justice and Process-oriented Review (182.57 KB application/pdf)
1/2012 (April 2012)


The concept of 'economic activity' in the EU Treaty: From ideological dead-ends to workable judicial concepts (517.23 KB application/pdf)
6/2011 (November 2011)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Legal privilege for in-house lawyers in the light of AKZO: a matter of law or policy? (537.19 KB application/pdf)
5/2011 (November 2011)

Luca Schicho

La consécration du critère de l'"accès au marché" au sein de la libre circulation des marchandises: mythe ou réalité? (1.43 MB application/pdf)
4/2011 (October 2011)

Ann Fromont et Christophe Verdure

The ENP in the light of the new “neighbourhood clause” (Article 8 TEU) (3.04 MB application/pdf)
2/2011 (June 2011)

Dominik Hanf

Vers une précision de la Europarechtsfreundlichkeit de la Loi fondamentale - L’apport de l’arrêt « rétention des données » et de la décision « Honeywell » du BVerfG
3/2010 (December 2010)

Dominik Hanf

Public Procurement Law and Health care: From Theory to Practice (3.02 MB application/pdf)
2/2010 (March 2010)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos and Hélène Stergiou

Liberalising trade in services: creating new migration opportunities? (2.99 MB application/pdf)
1/2010 (February 2010)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

L'encadrement constitutionnel de l'appartenance de l'Allemagne à l'Union européenne. L'apport de l’arrêt « Lisbonne » de la Cour constitutionnelle fédérale
3/2009 (October 2009)

Dominik Hanf

Le principe de reconnaissance mutuelle dans la libre prestation de services (3.06 MB application/pdf)
2/2009 (October 2009)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Competition law proceedings before the European Commission and the right to a fair trial: no need for reform? (3.13 MB application/pdf)
5/2008 (November 2008)

Donald Slater, Sébastien Thomas and Denis Waelbroeck

Environmental judgements by the Court of Justice and their duration (2.97 MB application/pdf)
4/2008 (October 2008)

Ludwig Krämer

EU Law, International Law and Economic Sanctions against Terrorism: The Judiciary in Distress? (3.13 MB application/pdf)
3/2008 (October 2008)

Takis Tridimas and José A. Gutiérrez-Fons

Public Procurement and State Aid in National Healthcare Systems (249.54 KB application/pdf)
1/2008 (October 2008)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Current Problems of Social Europe (249.54 KB application/pdf)
7/2007 (November 2007)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Legal Aspects in Establishing the Internal Market for Services (318.97 KB application/pdf)
6/2007 (October 2007)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Que reste-t-il de la directive sur les services? (419.06 KB application/pdf)
5/2007 (September 2007)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

The AstraZeneca Case (116.51 KB application/pdf)
4/2007 (July 2007)

Matteo Pierangelo Negrinotti

With or without you... judging politically in the field of Area of Freedom, Security and Justice? (836.17 KB application/pdf)
3/2007 (June 2007)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Exploitative Abuses: Which Competition Policy, Which Public Policy? (107.75 KB application/pdf)
2/2007 (May 2007)

Imelda Maher

The Italian Merck Case (84.77 KB application/pdf)
1/2007 (May 2007)

Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

Saving the Monopsony: Exclusivity, Innovation and Market Power in the Media Sector (179.04 KB application/pdf)
7/2006 (October 2006)

Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

The EU essential facilities doctrine (486.62 KB application/pdf)
6/2006 (August 2006)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Why the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) is bad for you: a letter to the EU (401.77 KB application/pdf)
5/2006 (August 2006)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos

Réformes institutionnelles sans révision du traité? (discussion paper) (53.95 KB application/pdf)
3/2006 (July 2006)

Dominik Hanf

The Case Law of the ECJ concerning the Free Provision of Services: 2000 – 2005 (341.72 KB application/pdf)
2/2006 (July 2006)

Vassilis Hatzopoulos, Thien Uyen Do

Le développement de la citoyenneté de l’Union européenne (155.44 KB application/pdf)
1/2006 (June 2006)

Dominik Hanf

European Criminal Law and General Principles of Union Law (210.39 KB application/pdf)
5/2005 (May 2005)

John A.E. Vervaele

The Convention on the Future of Europe: Extended Working Group or Constitutional Assembly? (228.95 KB application/pdf)
4/2005 (May 2005)

Christine Reh and Bruno Scholl

The Europeanisation of Criminal Law and the Criminal Law Dimension of European Courts (198.76 KB application/pdf)
3/2005 (May 2005)

John A.E. Vervaele

The Future Organisation of the European Courts (170.79 KB application/pdf)
2/2005 (May 2005)

Koen Lenaerts

Subsidiarity between Law and Economics (255.95 KB application/pdf)
1/2005 (May 2005)

Jacques Pelkmans

Brèves observations sur la consécration constitutionnelle d'un droit de retrait volontaire (88.42 KB application/pdf)
5/2004 (November 2004)

Rostane Mehdi

Meeting Competition: Why it is not an Abuse under Article 82 (75.88 KB application/pdf)
3/2004 (September 2004)

Donald Slater and Denis Waelbroeck

Decentralisation of EC Competition Law Enforcement and General Principles of Community Law (100.05 KB application/pdf)
2/2004 (July 2004)

Jacques Bourgeois and Tristan Baumé

Accords d'association (547.03 KB application/pdf)
1/2004 (May 2004)

Dominik Hanf et Pablo Dengler

Reform der EU-Wettbewerbsregeln für Technologietransfer-Verträge: Einfahrt in den sicheren Hafen? (339.27 KB application/pdf)
2/2004 (February 2004)

David Mamane

The European Court of Justice and the Draft Constitution: A Supreme Court for the Union? (122.45 KB application/pdf)
8/2003 (November 2003)

Takis Tridimas

The Genesis of EC Environmental Principles (83.07 KB application/pdf)
7/2003 (November 2003)

Ludwig Krämer

Überlegungen zu Ressourceneffizienz und Recycling (133.19 KB application/pdf)
6/2003 (November 2003)

Ludwig Krämer

Access to Environmental Information in an Open European Society - Directive 2003/4 (111.12 KB application/pdf)
5/2003 (November 2003)

Ludwig Krämer

Conventions in Comparative Constitutional Law (81.76 KB application/pdf)
4/2003 (February 2003)

Horst Dippel

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