Books by academic staff

  • "The EU Better Regulation Agenda. A Critical Assessment", edited by Sacha GARBEN and Inge GOVAERE, Hart Publishing, May 2018.
  • "The Collaborative Economy and EU Law", edited by Vassilis HATZOPOULOS, Hart Publishing, 2018.
  • "EU Competition Law", edited by Eleanor M. FOX and Damien GERARD, Edward Elgar, 2017.
  • "EU Regulation and Competition Law in the Transport Sector", edited by Luis ORTIZ BLANCO and Ben VAN HOUTTE, Oxford University Press, 2017.

  • "The Division of Competences between the EU and the Member States. Reflections on the Past, the Present and the Future", edited by Sacha GARBEN and Inge GOVAERE, London, Hart Publishing, 2017.
  • "Scrutinizing Internal and External Dimensions of European Law/Les dimensions internes et externes du droit européen à l’épreuve", Liber Amicorum Paul DEMARET, edited by Inge GOVAERE and Dominik HANF, Brussels, PIE Peter Lang, 2013.
  • "Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond”, edited by Inge GOVAERE, Ghent University, Reinhard QUICK, Verband der Chemischen Industrie, e. V., Germany and Marco BRONCKERS, University of Leiden, The Netherlands, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011.
  • Luca SCHICHO, "State Entities in International Investment Law", 2012, 249 S., ISBN 978-3-8329-6516-7
  • Dominik HANF, Klaus MALACEK & Elise MUIR (eds.), "Langues et construction européenne", Presses Interuniversitiares Européennes (PIE)/Peter Lang (Bruxelles), mars 2010
  • Inge GOVAERE & Georges VANDERSANDEN (eds.), "La fonction publique communautaire : Nouvelles règles et développements contentieux", dans la collection "Pratique du droit communautaire", Bruylant, 2008
  • Inge GOVAERE & Hanns ULLRICH (eds.), "Intellectual Property, Market Power and the Public Interest", College of Europe Studies, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2008
  • Inge GOVAERE & Hanns ULLRICH (eds.), "Intellectual Property, Public Policy, and International Trade", College of Europe Studies, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2007
  • Dominik HANF & Rodolphe MUÑOZ (eds.), "La libre circulation des personnes - Etats des lieux et perspectives", Cahiers du Collège d'Europe, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2007

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