Why this course?

Through this programme, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Identify new threats and discuss how the EU is facing them
  • Outline the background of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), explain its core structure, instruments and key features, and analyse the CSDP in light of evolving challenges
  • Demonstrate the EU’s institutional defence architecture and decision-making processes
  • Assess key achievements of the current European Commission mandate and conclude on opportunities for the next European Commission in the field of defence and security
  • Explain and interpret the use of the EU’s defence and security toolbox and the EU’s role in crisis management
  • Identify strength and weaknesses of EU’s toolbox, as well as discuss recent policy initiatives and their potential impact in in the light of current affairs
  • Summarise and evaluate EU’s role in decision- and policymaking in the field of security and defence.   
  • Present and analyse how the EU has responded to the war in Ukraine from a security perspective.
  • Present the geopolitical dynamics at stake and identify the main partners of the EU in the field of Security and Defence
  • Categorise different private-public actors in the field, and interpret their interactions and implications for policymaking
  • Understand the background of new security threats and measure how the EU responds to these threats
  • Build personal and professional networks
  • Learn and collaborate in a multicultural environment
  • Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course

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Why this course?
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