This three-day seminar is designed to give participants a thorough and detailed overview on Communication on EU affairs, by analysing the EU’s approach to communication as well as strategic communications, social media, campaigns and event management when dealing with EU affairs.

The programme offers a practical approach focused on:

  • The EU’s Strategy for Communication and Visibility;
  • Strategic EU Communications: Planning, objectives, stakeholders, press relations;
  • EU projects & programmes communication: Manuals, strategy, content, Monitoring & Evaluation, reporting;
  • Social media management, campaigns, events on EU affairs: Dos and don’ts, success cases, strategic approach, ROI, monitoring;
  • Practice: A workshop on creativity tools and techniques and a mastermind exercise.

For more details, you can download the 2021 programme here!

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Please note that this course can be tailored on demand for specific groups.

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