Second Bruges European Business Conference

Liberating the Power of Services

On 24 March 2011, the Economics Department of the College of Europe - Bruges campus, in partnership with Deloitte, hosted the second Bruges European Business Conference entitled "Liberating the Power of Services".

The conference focussed on the European internal market for services and its business opportunities, dealing with the economic and business significance of the service sector, the regulatory environment for business and key technological developments affecting the provision of services to companies operating in Europe.

EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Mr. Michel BARNIER addressed the Conference. The following key issues related to services liberalisation were discussed: the growing importance of services for manufacturing companies, the European cross-border mobility of workers, right of establishment and the effects of the service directive, data portability, data protection and digital content.


Conference Programme


Session 1: The Power of Services

Eric Desomer: The Service Revolution: Building a World Class Service and Parts Business. Printer-friendly version

Jacques Pelkmans: Liberating EU Services. How and Why? Printer-friendly version

Isabel Grilo: Liberating the Power of Services Printer-friendly version

Session 2: A Single Services' Market in a Global Economy

Norman Rose: Liberalisation through completion of the Single Market Printer-friendly version

Reinhard Büscher: A Single Services' Market in a Global Economy Printer-friendly version

Andreea Gulacsi:The Role of European Standards Printer-friendly version

Reginald Otten: Flying together with Europe Printer-friendly version

Workshop 1: People Dimension of Services

Jan de Jong: New Labour Market Perspectives

Dirk Bochar: European Professional Card for Engineers Printer-friendly version

Jürgen Tiedje: The Professional Qualifications Directive. Need for modernisation? Printer-friendly version

Workshop 2: Right of Establishment

Martin Weiderstrand: Freedom to Establish Printer-friendly version

Maria Martin-Prat: Liberating the Power of Services – Right of Establishment Printer-friendly version

Jacques Derenne: Right of Establishment The Case of Lawyers Printer-friendly version

Workshop 3: Hi-tech Services

John Vassallo: Hi-tech services. Cloud Computing and the Regulatory Framework Printer-friendly version

Bror Salmelin: Participative Innovation for Collaborative Society Printer-friendly version

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