Natolin Pledge 4 // A safer campus

We continue to upgrade our on-campus infrastructure to create a safer learning and community environment. This includes permanent upgrades to our air and water circulation and filtration systems, and temporary accommodations, such as extra plexiglass walls in the campus restaurant and hand sanitizers provided at the entrances to all buildings.

We have modified the operations of the Natolin Student Restaurant. Those include a new shift system, which keeps down the total occupancy of the restaurant by asking students to pick up food only during a designated timeslot. Students have the option of picking up food in takeaway containers or eating on-site.

The Natolin Library has opened new reading and common rooms, allowing students to consult printed and digital materials while maintaining a safe physical distance. In addition to this, any student who cannot enter the library (for example due to isolation, self-isolation, or quarantine) may opt to have books or other printed sources delivered to their room.

We adjust the maximum occupancy of all classrooms, study rooms, and common rooms, in line with safe physical distance norms and government requirements.

All Student Residences and other spaces on campus are regularly cleaned with professional antiviral cleaning products.



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