Algeria-Morocco-Tunisia Cultural Day 2023

A lively cultural showcase took place on 17 November 2023. It was organized by the students under the guidance of Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO). This event celebrated the rich tapestry of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia through a spectrum of activities that captivated the audience and fostered cross-cultural understanding.

The festivities commenced with movie screenings, offering a cinematic journey into the diverse landscapes that define these North African countries. Simultaneously, an exhibition explored the influence of women's perspectives in shaping narratives, shedding light on the often-overlooked contributions of women in these societies.

A henna session provided attendees with a hands-on experience of cultural practices. This was followed by an open discussion centered on Orientalism, inspired by the influential work of Edward Said and delving into the nuanced concept of "othering" and its multifaceted implications in the North Africa-Europe context.

A sophisticated and delectable dinner was skilfully prepared by the Natolin student restaurant allowing participants to savour diverse flavours and heightening the immersive experience.

As the evening progressed, the auditorium Copernicus came alive with musical performances, a culture quiz and language showcase adding an interactive element and engaging the audience in an energetic exchange of knowledge and insights.

SAPDO extends its congratulations to the organizing students for the successful cultural demonstration and for promoting meaningful cross-cultural connections.