Alumni Reunion of the Simon Stevin Promotion (2001-2002) at Natolin

On Saturday, 15 October 2022, the students of the 2001-2002 Simon Stevin Promotion returned to Natolin for the 20-year anniversary of the conclusion of their studies.

The returning students were met at the gate of the university by Lukasz DOBROMIRSKI, Head of the Careers and Alumni Relations Office, and offered a tour of the campus which they'd once called home. After standing for a group photo together at the stairs of the Natolin Palace, the alumni undertook a session on Careers and Professional Paths with current students of the David Sassoli promotion, offering their professional insights to the incumbent generation of Natolin students. Later, the reunion programme saw the alumni and current students interact further during a wine reception at the newly-built Winter Garden, followed by a delicious buffet dinner at the Natolin Restaurant.

We are very glad to see students of the Stevin Promotion return, and look forward to hosting more returning former students in the coming months!