20 Apr 2023

"Arabe algérien - une forme de revendication de l’identité algérienne" Workshop by Ms Lilla BACHA

From 18:45 till 20:00
Paderewski Hall
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of Arab countries. It is used for official purposes, media, public administration, and educational purposes. At the same time, local Arabic dialects are used for everyday communication and entertainment. The Arab population uses their dialects, which are derived from Standard Arabic and vary in different Arab states.

This workshop focused on the dialect of Algiers, the spoken Arabic of Algiers (capital of Algeria) and its outlying areas. It was delivered by Ms Lilla BACHA, the Arabic-language professor at LIDO, who is a graduate of the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Warsaw. She has also studied at the University of Paris VIII and Inalco.

Ms BACHA has more than 10 years of experience as an Arabic teacher and her interests include dialectology and the sociolinguistic situation in the Maghreb, especially in Algeria. The aim of the workshop was to present the linguistic situation in the Arab world using Algeria as an example.

This workshop was organised by the Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office (LIDO) at Natolin.

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