Eu!radio podcasts: L’Europe vue de Bruges

L’Europe vue de Bruges: a new project for the start of the academic year 2022-2023

This series of weekly podcasts offers an original perspective on European news as seen from Bruges. The speakers are students of the David Sassoli promotion (2022-2023), academic assistants and, more occasionally, professors. This project is the result of a partnership with Euradio, a radio association founded in 2007, which broadcasts in 20 cities in France and Brussels, and throughout the world on It is the first generalist and independent European radio station in France. The podcasts produced will all be archived on the radio's website and that of the College and widely distributed on the social media.

In practice

Several calls for contributions will be launched during the year. Interested students are invited to send a proposal for a contribution, including an idea for an episode title and a 150-word summary in French, to Candidates are given free rein: the subject may be related to current events (although care should be taken to link it to one or more broader issues in order to limit its obsolescence) or it may shed light on a specific theme. Special attention will be paid to the originality of the approach.

The selection of proposals will be made by Laurence Aubron, Director of Euradio, Professor Costa and Marie Ketterlin, Academic Assistant in charge of this activity.

The selected student will be offered a recording slot during the following weeks, on Thursdays or Fridays, depending on his/her availability and that of the journalist. One week before the recording, the student must send a script of 2500 to 3200 characters (spaces included), including his/her text as well as the questions and reminders that will be addressed to him/her by Laurence Aubron during the recording. The student also provides a personal photograph to accompany the publication of the episode on the Euradio website. Please see Professor Costa's interventions in previous podcasts for reference.

Technically, no equipment is required, except for the speaker's personal computer and headphones, as the recording is done online via a dedicated web page.