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About the journal

Duodecim Astra – College of Europe Student Journal of European Studies is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary student-run journal launched by students of the 2020/21 Mário Soares promotion of the College. The journal publishes articles in French and English, accepting submissions related to European studies.

This year’s guiding principle is ‘Unfolding European Integration’. To address this theme, we welcome contributions in all areas of European studies and encourage submitting papers from very diverse academic disciplines and research methods. Submissions are welcome on a range of topics, including enlargement, the history of European integration, reflections on the Europeanisation process or research focusing on identity, migration, foreign policy, political economy and the rule of law in an era characterised by the concept of poly-crisis. Further information in the call for article.

The DuoDecim 2023-2024 Committee

Paul DESPLACES (co-director)
Erell MOUROUGA (co-director)

Sabrina BOUKHORSSA (communications)
Simone GAGLIARDO (review)
Kate O'RIORDAN (editing)

And a team of permanent editors and contributing editors.

‘The EU stands in a historical momentum that encourages us to examine the past and envision the future. In the midst of an enlargement process implying institutional questioning concerning the nature and direction of the integration process, the very meaning of Europe and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, suggest an important time for reflections on the EU’s strategic recalibration. The issue's guiding principle is thus to unfold and dissect the European integration project.’

This year, Duodecim Astra is very proud to have gathered a scientific committee composed of renowned scholars in the field of European studies. We are grateful for their invaluable support and enthusiasm for the project. Listed in alphabetical order:

Alberto ALEMANNO – HEC Paris
Luiza BIAŁASIEWICZ – University of Amsterdam
Olivier COSTA – College of Europe, Bruges
Sacha GARBEN – College of Europe, Bruges
Cristóbal GARIBAY-PETERSEN – London School of Economics
Dermot HODSON – Birkbeck College
Knud Erik JØRGENSEN – Aarhus University
Uwe PUETTER – Universität Flensburg
Tobias SCHUMACHER – College of Europe, Natolin
Martin WESTLAKE – London School of Economics
Kataryna WOLCZUK – University of Birmingham

You can follow the journal on LinkedIn and Instagram.
You can contact the journal Committee via email at duodecimastra@coleurope.eu.

Further information about the journal's publishing process is in the call for articles.

Call for Articles


Duodecim Astra – Issue 2 (forthcoming summer 2024): 'Unfolding European Integration'

Duodecim Astra – Issue 1 (2021): Future of Europe


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