CALL FOR PROPOSALS - Contribution to the Conference "Technology as a driver of the green transition” (4 April 2022)

The Energy & Climate Governance Nest at the College of Europe in Natolin welcomes proposals to participate at the conference Technology as a driver of the green transition". The submission deadline is 4 March 2022.

Technology as a driver of the green transition

This hybrid conference will take place on the 4th of April 2022 at the College of Europe in Natolin, Warsaw. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform, where researchers and representatives of various sectors will have the opportunity to discuss the role of technology as a driver of the green transition.

Technological innovation is a major accelerator to the efforts to accomplish the global objectives set in the Paris Agreement. By making this the overarching theme of the annual conference, we wish to provide a forum for discussion on this key component of global climate action over the coming years.  

Background to the Conference

Since 2020, the Natolin Energy and Climate Governance Nest has hosted an annual conference, bringing together leading academics and professionals for discussions and debate on a range of key topics relating to climate and energy.  This year, the theme of the conference will be on technology and its role as a driver of the green transition.

Conference Objectives

The 2022 conference will focus on the driving role of technology in the green transition from an interdisciplinary perspective. A range of experts and academics will contribute to the conference, giving a broad overview on how technological innovation fosters EU climate action. The conference will also tackle the potential and challenges of new technologies such as decarbonised gas, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), and renewables.

Who can participate?    

The conference will aim to bring together expertise from a range of different speakers, such as researchers, policy-makers, representatives of NGOs, and think-tanks. Speakers will first have 10 minutes each to present their main points and ideas. A moderator will put questions to the speakers to foster productive debate in the form of a panel discussion. Audience members will also have an opportunity to ask questions.  

This event will be open to the public; we specifically expect the attendance of students from the College of Europe both in Natolin and Bruges.

Call for Proposals

In order to select speakers, we are inviting candidates to submit their pitches before 4 March 2022. Pitches should be around 250-300 words, clearly stating the speaker’s area of expertise and the main themes of their presentation. We are seeking pitches related to a wide range of topics linked to the driving role of technology in the green transition, including, but not limited to:

  • EU’s role in fostering green technology developments;
  • The role of the private sector in supporting a tech-driven green transition;
  • The role of technology in climate-friendly agriculture;
  • Green power generation;
  • Domestic technological developments (heat pumps, etc.);
  • Green transport developments (electric vehicles, hydrogen, etc.);
  • Reliance on raw materials and greening of supply chains;
  • The need for EU strategic autonomy in the face of an increasing role for technology;
  • The EU’s role in promoting access to climate-related technology across the globe.

After the submission of pitches, these will be evaluated based on their coherence with other selected pitches, their relevance to the conference theme, their clarity and their originality.

We would like to emphasize that candidates from all backgrounds are invited to submit pitches, in order to support our interdisciplinary approach which will foster a synthesis of ideas and bring together a range of perspectives to enable a valuable and enriching discussion.


Submission Instructions

Please submit 250-300 word proposals by 4 March 2022 through this online formWe expect to inform successful applicants by 18 March 2022, with a provisional date for the submission of the outline of the presentation on 1 April 2022.  

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