"Climate Fresk" workshop organized by the Professional Development unit at Natolin

Last weekend, on Sunday 24 April 2022, the Professional Development unit of the College of Europe in Natolin organized an informal workshop around the "Climate Fresk" tool in the margin of the International Earth Day of 22 April 2022.

Climate change is threatening humanity and we need to react very quickly. The Climate Fresk is an effective tool for educating and raising awareness among citizens and to find a humanistic approach towards this global problem. Climate Fresk aims to raise climate science awareness among a maximum number of people around the world, and to train participants in workshops allowing them to use this tool, thanks to facilitators present at numerous events (festivals, conferences, back-to-school events, fairs, etc.). They also design additional educational material and provide it to facilitators to help them achieve autonomy and make the use of the Climate Fresk tool easier.

For our students, it was a nice way to learn more about this topic and to spend a Sunday morning having this informal session to clear their minds for the upcoming examination period.

"Climate Fresk" workshop at Natolin