Debate "Women on the Move" organized by the Natolin Migration & Asylum Awareness Society

On Thursday 4 April 2017, the Migration & Asylum Awareness Society of the Natolin campus of the College of Europe organized a debate on the topic “Women on the Move” with a specific focus on gender-based violence, discrimination and other challenges faced by displaced women.

The Migration & Asylum Awareness Society welcomed for this special occasion two experts from Polish NGOs: Ms Aleksandra PULCHNY, of the association for legal intervention SIP – a non-profit organization whose aim is to combat social exclusion – and Mr Gagik GRIGORYAN, of the Foundation Ocalenie, which supports the integration of migrants in Poland.

The students of the Society made a short introduction in order to provide the participants with some contextual information and statistics and the two speakers led the debate. Many issues were addressed ranging from the situation of migrants in South Caucasus, the migrants' integration problems into their host communities as well as the recent measures adopted by the EU. Admittedly, those discussions provided valuable food for thought for all the participants.