Dr Emile BADARIN's Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Featured in 'Territory, Politics, Governance'

Dr Emile BADARIN, Research Fellow at the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair, has published a peer-reviewed article entitled "Politics, Geography and Recognition in the Emerging Multipolar World Order" in the journal Territory, Politics, Governance.

This article examines international politics of recognition in the increasingly multipolar global environment, with a specific focus on recognition events in Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Crimea, the Occupied Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Western Sahara, Luhansk and Donetsk. It reveals that the recent surge in recognition is propelled by geopolitical and geographical motivations, which undermine the normative significance of territorial integrity, non-recognition and self-determination in recognition politics.

The article was published online on 5 June 2023, and is free to access (in full) on the Taylor and Francis Online website (link above).

Territory, Politics, Governance is an interdisciplinary journal from the Regional Studies Association. It is committed to the development of theory and research in territorial politics and the governance of space. All information (and access) here.

Cover photo courtesy of RSA_TPG (Twitter)