"Empowering Through Understanding: Exploring Gender Equality" Workshop at Natolin

On 14 November 2023, our students participated in a Gender Mainstreaming workshop at the College of Europe in Natolin.

The training was led by Ms Christa JAKOBSSON, a distinguished gender equality expert and Policy Adviser at the Council of Europe. The primary goal was to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of gender equality, gender mainstreaming, and gender-sensitive communication.

The workshop consisted of four sessions. The initial segment emphasized the critical importance of gender equality, presenting participants with compelling arguments, facts, and figures illustrating the far-reaching impact of gender inequality. To foster a comprehensive understanding, key European and international standards were thoroughly explored.

The second session delved into fundamental concepts and approaches to gender equality, with a specific focus on addressing violence against women. Participants were introduced to various strategies and approaches designed to effectively tackle and promote gender equality within this context.

The third session offered an in-depth exploration of gender mainstreaming and its core principles. Participants were guided through the essential steps required to seamlessly integrate gender equality into policies or projects, with practical exercises enhancing their comprehension.

The final session centered on gender-sensitive communication, presenting main principles, examples, and concrete strategies. Participants gained valuable insights into effectively communicating messages in a manner that is sensitive to gender issues and actively promotes gender equality.