07 Mar 2024

Energy and Climate Diplomacy Workshop with Mr Václav BARTUŠKA

From 07/03 15:00 till 08/03 17:00
Winter Garden
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 7-8 March 2024, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office organized another Professional Development Workshop on Energy and Climate Diplomacy, led by Mr Václav BARTUŠKA, who served as Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security of the Czech Republic.

About the workshop:

The workshop aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Energy and Climate Diplomacy, two crucial fields in contemporary international relations. Energy Diplomacy has emerged as a vital component of diplomatic strategies, addressing issues of energy security amidst its growing impact on national security and economies. It encompasses various diplomatic tools such as dialogue, negotiation, lobbying, and advocacy to influence policies and international relations.

In light of the evolving geopolitical landscape shaped by the energy transition, the workshop looked into Climate Diplomacy, with a focus on the EU Green Deal.

The workshop was structured into four parts:

  1. The EU's leadership in climate change efforts, particularly in light of diverging paths with the US due to their renewed energy independence;
  2. Examination of potential reactions from oil/gas reliant nations like Algeria, Iraq, and Russia to the EU's goal of phasing out fossil fuels by mid-century;
  3. Exploration of the global perception of European policies, highlighting disparities in wealth and lifestyle that may affect how initiatives are perceived outside Europe;
  4. In-depth analysis of the EU Green Deal and its implications.

About the speaker:

Vaclav BARTUŠKA assumed the position of Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security of the Czech Republic in 2006. He works on a wide range of issues, from oil and gas supplies to energy strategy. During the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine in January 2009, when the Czech Republic held the EU Presidency, he was involved in negotiations with Russian, Ukrainian, and EU leadership. In 2010, he was appointed by the Czech Government as the Commissioner for expansion at the Temelin nuclear power plant. Since 2003, he has taught modern history and security studies at New York University, Prague campus, and in 2017, he joined Czech Technical University. He was also a visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Natolin, teaching European Energy Diplomacy.

Photo credit: Matej Slavík

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