EPSO Competition Workshops for Natolin Students


The students of David Sassoli's promotion of the College of Europe in Natolin will be able to participate in four workshop sessions, "How to succeed in the EPSO recruitment process?". The first two EPSO competition workshops, organized by the Careers and Alumni Relations Office, will be held from 10 until 12 February 2023. The third and the fourth EPSO competition workshops will be organized from 3 until 5 March 2023. 

During the four sessions, the students will learn everything about the European Union's selection process:

  • Session 1: Overview of EU traineeships and careers and the EPSO application process.
  • Session 2: New Competency Framework and reasoning skills tests.
  • Session 3: Talent screener and assessment center tests.
  • Session 4: EPSO interviews and individualized simulation test.

For more information contact Mr Łukasz DOBROMIRSKI