European Citizens' Panel at the College of Europe in Natolin

The College of Europe in Natolin hosted the European Citizens' Panel on climate change, environment, and health, which met for the third and final time on 7-9 January 2022. It was organised in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Watch the video with the highlights of this unique event:

Around 200 European citizens of different ages, coming from various backgrounds, and representing all Member States, were working on-site and remotely to adopt their 51 recommendations on the topical issues of the Panel.

They were supported by 15 students from the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion at the College of Europe in Natolin acting as notetakers, who helped to keep the record of the discussions under the supervision of Dr Joanna ZIÓŁKOWSKA, Coordinator of Academic Operations.

Our Academic Assistants, Maryia BRESKAYA and Álvaro MARTÍN MORÁN took the role of fact-checkers during the citizens’ deliberations consulting matters which needed verification with relevant experts and verifying information in reliable sources. Various members of the Natolin Staff provided the organizers and citizens with all required support on the College premises.

The adopted recommendations focus on the following topics: better ways of living; protecting our environment and our health; redirecting our economy and consumption; towards a sustainable society; and caring for all.

See the photo gallery featuring the European Citizens’ Panel in Natolin:

The Conference on the Future of Europe at Natolin

All events on the Natolin campus were organised in line with relevant health and safety measures related to COVID-19. Participants and staff were required to present the digital COVID certificates, and they were tested before entering the College premises.

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