European Project Management Workshop at Natolin by Mr Rui Miguel SANTOS

On 25 and 26 November 2022, a group of students from the College of Europe in Natolin had the opportunity to participate in the workshop European Project Management, by expert guest Mr Rui Miguel SANTOS. The workshop, divided into four different sessions, introduced the students to the world of project management - one of the crucial skills for today’s competitive job market.

Mr SANTOS is an expert and trainer in Results-Based Management and Evaluation of Development Programs & Projects. He has been the CEO of the Group CESO for more than 25 years, a consultancy company that has worked in more than 35 countries and specializes in European projects.

During the interactive workshop, the students receive an introduction to the practical elements of European project management, mostly based on a series of projects inside and outside the EU. In this regard, this workshop was a compliment to the academic programme at Natolin, converting theoretical knowledge into a practical context.

The content that the student learned included: structural elements in a project and how they interact as part of logical models, the project’s life cycle and its different stages, different types of assumption, and how they interact with the vertical logic. They came to understand the known risks during the design of a project, understand risk assessment techniques and how to prepare risk management strategies, and how to evaluate criteria by the different types of indicators.