21 Mar 2023

An Evening with Club Alpbach Poland

From 21/03 20:00 till 22/03 22:00
Aula Skłodowska-Curie
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On Tuesday, 21 March 2023, the Natolin Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO) organised a session by members of Club Alpbach Poland, who spoke about the European Forum Alpbach 2023, including scholarships and the currently open application for the European Forum Alpbach 2023.

The session, taking place in the form of a meeting with members of the organisation, featured the attendance of Mr Łukasz KREMKY (club co-founder), Ms Agnieszka HOMAŃSKA and Mr Piotr OBSZARSKI (both club members) - all of whom shared with students their insight and experience with Club Alpbach. The event proceeded as follows:

  1. An introduction of European Alpbach Forum and Club Alpbach Forum
  2. A discussion on common values and the importance of an active participation
  3. A scholarship launch - what does it take to become a part of Alpbach?
  4. Q&A

Founded in 1945, the Forum is one of the most prominent centers for the exchange of economic, political, philosophical and scientific views in Europe. Bringing together Nobel laureates, heads of state, business and scientific leaders, it has influenced European public debate since 1945.

The conference is held each year in the mountains of Austria and lasts for as long as two weeks, and one of its key elements is a scholarship program, awarded each year to a group of about 400 people aged 18-30, who receive coverage of the cost of traveling to the entire conference.

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