Alumni Reunion of the Politkovskaya & Dink Promotion (2007-2008)


Saturday 16.06.18


Natolin (Warsaw) Campus
ul. Nowoursynowska 84
PL-02/797 Warszawa

On 16 June 2018, ten years after they first arrived in Poland, a group of students of the Politkovskaya and Dink Promotion 2007-2008 came back to the College of Europe in Natolin for their alumni reunion.

During their visit, the Alumni had a chance to see how the campus changed in the past years and heard about the development of the EIS programme.

They also had the opportunity to meet the students of the current Simone Veil Promotion and exchange with them about career perspectives after the College.


Alumni Reunion of Politkovskaya & Dink Promotion (2007-2008) 16.06.2018