First professional development activities for Natolin students

The new academic year at Natolin began with a wide series of activities orchestrated by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO), targeting social cohesion and cultural activity, as well as professional development endeavours designed to maximise the extra-curricular development of the new promotion.

On 15 September 2022, Natolin students of the David Sassoli promotion attended the Time Management workshop led by Mr Luca BERTOLOTTO CIPRIANI, Regional Security Program Manager at Microsoft. This workshop was the first of the professional development activities organized by SAPDO in the current academic year.

Participation allowed students to develop skills to coordinate their tasks and activities, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts in the intense academic and extracurricular program offered by the College of Europe. The workshop was interactive, and invited students to brainstorm together by sharing their own experiences and concerns in managing their activities.

The session was built around 5 topics, beginning with an introduction to the Eisenhower Matrix - a productivity, prioritization and time management framework intended to facilitate prioritization of tasks by categorizing them according to their urgency and relevance. This was followed with discussions and group activities focused around the process of scheduling activities, preferences for waking up early to work or sleeping late, and the introduction of Miracle Morning routine and Infinity pools management.

On 21 September 2022, 30 students had the opportunity to participate in another professional development activity, the Basic Communication Strategy workshop, with the intervention of Mr Adam REICHARDT, Mentor for the Natolin Media and Disinformation Nest and Editor-in-Chief of the New Eastern Europe magazine.

During the interactive workshop, the students learned the theory and practice of communications from a variety of perspectives. They also had the opportunity to understand how social media has changed the field of communications, in addition to learning how to sculpt a viable and effective communications strategy.

The three-hour workshop provided students with skills that will be useful in the future, particularly for those interested in working in communications or with communication professionals.