First Semester's Professional Development Workshops at Natolin

The College of Europe in Natolin provides to its students an extensive Professional Development Programme led by the Students and Professional Development Office.

During the first semester of the current academic year, not less than 10 workshops, covering a myriad of skills, were given to our students by some of Europe’s leading specialists on the topic. These skills are an addition to the academic program and it is the College of Europe in Natolin's aim to make these workshops as interactive, inclusive and engaging as possible.

Our Professional Development programme is based on two clusters of skills, transversal competencies and advanced thematic skills. During the first semester, the focus was put on the first category.

Transversal competencies are the basis of career adaptability, which are going to be embedded in curricula all over the world in the near future. Accordingly, this part of the professional program has offered a set of competencies of high transferability across different jobs sectors, disregarding the specialization. Moreover, it is an important resource for reemployment and finding a higher quality job.

The interactive sessions provided our students with specific technical skills in combination with soft skills.This part was split into three main clusters: Communication, Diplomacy and Project Management.

We invite you to watch a selection of photos of this first semester's professional development workshops:

Professional Development Workshops - First Semester 2021