Gender Mainstreaming Workshop with Specialists from the Council of Europe

On 29 March 2023, twenty Natolin students participated in a Gender Mainstreaming workshop as part of the professional development programme at Natolin. The workshop was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of gender equality, gender mainstreaming, and gender-sensitive communication.

The workshop on Gender Mainstreaming was led by two distinguished speakers, Ms Christa JAKOBSSON, Gender Equality Expert and Policy Advisor at the Council of Europe, brought her vast experience in the field to the workshop. Ms Cécile GRÉBOVAL, Senior Gender Equality Advisor at the Council of Europe, devoted her career to the promotion of gender equality and women’s rights at the European and international levels. Their expertise and insights were invaluable to the success of the activity.

The workshop was divided into four sessions. The first session focused on the importance of gender equality, where the participants were presented with arguments, facts, and figures that demonstrated the impact of gender inequality. Key European and international standards were also presented to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

The second session delved into the main concepts and approaches of gender equality, with a focus on violence against women. The participants were presented with strategies and approaches to address the issue and promote gender equality.

The third session provided an in-depth understanding of gender mainstreaming and its key principles. Participants learned about the main steps required to integrate gender equality into policies or projects, and were provided with practical exercises to further their understanding.

After the lunch break, the workshop resumed with the continuation of session three, which focused on gender analysis as a key tool for gender mainstreaming. Participants engaged in a practical exercise to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The fourth and final session focused on gender-sensitive communication, where the main principles, examples, and concrete strategies were presented. Participants learned how to effectively communicate their messages in a way that is gender-sensitive and promotes gender equality.

The workshop was a success, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of gender mainstreaming. The participants left the workshop with an increased awareness of the importance of gender equality and were equipped with the skills to promote gender equality in their professional and personal lives, specially in a European context.