27 Feb 2017

Guest lecture by Mr Marek MENKISZAK: "Kaliningrad: A Social and (Geo)Political Introduction"

From 18:30 till 20:00
Paderewski Hall

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus
ul. Nowoursynowska 84
02-797 Warszawa

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 27 February 2017, Mr Marek MENKISZAK, Head of the Russian Department at the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) in Warsaw, came to the Natolin campus of the College of Europe to deliver a lecture on "Kaliningrad: A Social and (Geo)Political Introduction".

The guest lecture was organized in the framework of the preparation for the second semester study trip week to the Baltic Region titled "The Baltic and European (In)Security Dilemmas", which foresaw visits to the Kaliningrad Oblast, Estonia, and Latvia, where Natolin students gained not only valuable access to first-hand knowledge and expertise in the field of (European) security studies, but also an insight into regional-cultural diversity.

In this guest lecture, Mr MENKISZAK drew on the findings from the recent OSW report on the Kaliningrad Oblast, and familiarized the students with the socio-economic and geopolitical peculiarities of this Russian enclave in Europe. He elaborated on the critical significance of the enclave as an essential element of the Russian military strategy in the Baltic Region, explained its role in Russia's overall anti-access and area-denial (A2/AD) strategy as well as its broader aims and politics vis-à-vis Europe.

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