Janis RUNGULIS is the Managing Partner at East Stratcom Consulting. In this role, he focuses on resilience and strategic communications within the European Union and its Eastern Partnership countries.

Simultaneously, Janis is the Digital Campaigns Lead for the EU's largest communication programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood "EU NEIGHBOURS east" (2020-2024), playing a central role in the European Union's communication strategies & campaigns in the Eastern Neighbourhood.

From 2015 to 2021, Janis was an integral member of the EU's East Stratcom Task Force. Working with the EUvsDisinfo team, he took on initiatives to counter pro-Kremlin disinformation in the EU and its Eastern Partnership territories. His involvement also facilitated a shift towards a strategic communications approach in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood delegations.

Earlier in his career, Janis represented the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Brussels as its spokesperson. He was engaged with multiple sectors, including telecommunications, transport, energy, and environment, among others. He also gained experience in notable public relations, advertising, and media agencies in Latvia.

On the academic front, Janis holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Central European University.

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