The Language Proficiency Summer Exam Session Begins at Natolin

This week, the Summer session of language proficiency examinations shall begin on-site at the College of Europe in Natolin.

Every year, the Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office organises examinations in 8 languages – Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish – which allow students to prove their capacity in their target language after months of study on campus. The exams are organised by the Office twice a year, and allow for the issuance of language proficiency certificates to successful candidates, at various CEFR levels. The certificates – recognised across the EU – are derived from format introduced by the Office itself.

The Summer session 2023 has attracted around 100 students to sit exams, with around 115 tests being issued (several students are seeking assessment in more than one language). The exams themselves shall involve the oversight of the Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office staff, as well as external assessors in order to comprehensively ascertain the linguistic capacity of each student in the language being studied.

As ever before, we keep our fingers crossed for our students, and wish them the best success in the exercise of their language learning – which remains a key component of the unique offer at Natolin.